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In modern world, no kitchen is complete without a stove, be it gas or electric. People are increasingly giving preference to built-in appliances because of their functionality. However, such units require correct installation, as their correct operation and your safety depend on how an oven is installed.
Tight appliance installers
Philly provides installation of washers and dryers, including in the basement.

A Philly employee will do all the right things:

  • Free the unit from transportation restraints
  • Remove packaging from the washer and examine it for damages
  • Adjust the position of the washer relative to the horizontal surface. (It is necessary to prepare a site for the installation of the equipment in advance. The surface must be flat and non-slip.)
  • Connect to water and sewerage. For this, a tap-in is made in the cold water supply pipe and a tap is added. Only then the sleeve is connected. In other cases, a triple adaptor is installed.
  • Test the functionality of a washer or dryer.